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Tuition in the Herts, Beds and Bucks areas.

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 Lineage is through Sifu Daniel Docherty and Sifu Cheng Tin Hung (HK) 

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Classes and private lessons available in Wudang Practical Tai Chi Chuan. All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced.

Learning Tai Chi can help develop flexibility & strength for the bodys muscles, tendons bones and joints. It relaxes the body and mind which can internally assist in blood, fluid & energy circulation throughout the body & it's vital organs. Regular practice is energizing and yet relaxing, giving an overall sense of well being. Correct posture and alignment of the body is also a key factor focused on in training.

What's covered:

warm up & loosening exercises, Wudang Hand forms, push hands partner drills (developing timing, co-ordination, alertness, softness with inner strength), self defence martial applications (learning the martial intent of the movements within the hand forms), Qi Gong (movement with breath) exercises for relaxation, health and well being. Weapons training in forms and applications for Spear, Sabre and Sword - available for students who already have completed hand form.

 Nei Kung internal strength training is available by separate arrangement.

Competition training is also available to students wanting to take their skills to a more experienced level.

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About Catherine

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"I grew up with a life revolving around dance & so it seemed natural to start out a career as a dance teacher. I trained with the International Dance Teachers Association taking teaching degrees in Ballet, Tap, Modern dance and Theatre stagecraft as well as taking a Diploma in Fitness and Leisure studies.  I left the world of Dance in my early 20's and lived abroad for a few years. Eventually I moved to /London and that's when I first discovered Tai Chi. I was drawn to the elegant movements of the forms and it appealed to the dancer in me...I had no idea to what extend it existed as a martial art in those early years! I started learning Yang style around 14 years ago and through my Tai Chi practice I became more aware of feeling and sensing my own energy which then led me to explore this further through Reiki energy work as well as Tai Chi and Qi Gong. 

For the last 5 years I've been studying Wudang Style Practical Tai Chi Chuan, which strives to teach Tai Chi as it was originally intended, as a martial art, named after the Wudang Mountains, the spiritual home of Tai Chi and said to be where it originated from.

trained under the guidance of Charlie Glasser at Chiltern Tai Chi, who is an “inside the door” student of Dan Docherty (who trained with Chen Tin Hung) and now currently I'm training as an "inside the door" student myself with Dan.  I attend his classes, training camps & workshops regularly for intense development of skill and technique.


I  regularly teach Tai Chi classes in the Beds, Bucks and Herts area (Cheddington, Bucks - Coleshill, Amersham - Tring, Herts - Berkhamsted, Herts) 
Experience includes Bucks Carers, RAF Halton Rehabilitation Unit, Keech Hospice Luton, Amaravati retreat Centre, Milton Keynes College, Chiltern NHS Trust, Cheddington Primary School and Woodland Manor Care Home Chalfont St Giles. I also teach private lessons for adults and children.

I continue to practice as well as teach in this Martial Art which helps complement the energy work I do. Currently I am a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher and have experience working at Keech Hospice care. I also regularly run Tai Chi/Qi Gong sessions at Amaravati Retreat Centre for people staying on meditation retreats.  In my Reiki work I offer training courses in Reiki/Reiki Drumming as well as treatments to the public. 

I strive to develop my own Tai Chi journey through workshops, courses and continued personal development as well as competing at National & International level. I also enjoy helping others and empowering them to help themselves with self healing through meditation, visualization, movement, sound healing, Reiki and Reiki Drumming." 


3 times Gold European Champion Russia 2016, British Champion 2016, 5 times Silver medallist at the European Championships 2015 Also Gold medallist at the British Open Tai Chi Championships 2014, and the last few years Gold medallist at the London Tai Chi Chuan Championships. Catherine also trains students to National and European level if the individual desires to compete. Students achievements include Gold European Champion push hands fixed step 2017, joint Gold European Champion Open Mens Hand Form 2016 Silver & Bronze European medallist 2015 in Sabre and Spear Weapon Forms as well as Silver medallists for Fixed Step Push Hands, Wudang Hand Form and beginners Hand Form at The London Championships 2018. Catherine also has experience in Judging for competition Forms and regularly writes for the Tai chi union of GB magazine.


Some of the lovely feedback received about Sifu Dans event in September 2018: 
"Just to say thank you, I really enjoyed this morning and am pleased you persuaded me! It was a great opportunity to learn.
Thanks again!" ~ S.Hearn, Tring 
"It was both very enjoyable as well as informative" ~ K. Fountain, Ayelsbury
"Absolutely brilliant, loved it!" ~ N. Smith, Berkhamsted 
"What a fantastic day spent with friends and fellow Tai Chi ers and making £80 for charity a real bonus. Well done Cathy for arranging it with Chris at such a fantastic venue and thanks Dan for all the coaching really learnt a lot. Thanks again X"~G.Day, Cheddington 
"Great day at the Tring Martial Art Academy today. Thank you Chris for your great hospitality. Thank also to our Sifu Catherine Birkinhead for organising the event. A great thank you also to great Sifu Dan Docherty, as usual it was a great honour and pleasure to train under your advice. Along with our lovely Tai Chi friend's and some we did not see for a while., it was a just a wonderful day." C.Brussock, M. Keynes 
"What an incredible day of Tai Chi training. People from all over the UK and Europe came to train today with Sifu Dan and our very own Sifu Catherine. Thanks to everyone who attended. We are planning another event in the New Year!" ~ C. Allen,Tring Martial Arts Academy 
"Was a great event and an amazing place to train and learn. Thanks Chris, all the instructors, Sifu Cathy, Sifu Dan of course and thanks TMA. Great day, thanks again for letting me come and play " J.Glenn, Chesham 
"I had a great time. Thanks for letting me play." ~J. Charles, Hemel Hempstead 
"Thank you for a wonderful (training) camp!" K. Martin, Sweden

"Thanks so much Cathy for organising this, I had a great time. I learnt loads" D.LaHaye, Mentmore
"I know i wasn't able to join in much but I am pleased i got a chance to watch, and it was a nice atmosphere. I wanted to say thanks to you for giving me help too, and Sifu Dan also gave me some help and encouragement" J.Williams, Bucks


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